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Make 300 PPM of Nitrate Water On-Site

The left column of the test kit is testing the concentration of Nitrogen in our Plasma Activated Water.

Plasma Agriculture - A Clean Technology

Plasma Agriculture refers to the creation of Plasma Activated Water using a machine that combines air, water and electricity that embeds ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3), hydroxide (OH), nitrous acid (HNO2) and nitric acid (HNO3) into irrigation water. Plants can be optimized for vegetative and root mass growth as the roots uptake the treated water at an ideal amount of nitrate. There is no risk of nitrogen burning of plants since the system is water-based and it delivers an ideal amount of nitrate without salt compounds.

How does it work?

On-site production is inexpensive.

Our technology allows us to pull Nitrogen and Oxygen from the air and treat it with plasma sciences. The reactive species is then embedded into irrigation water so that the new chemical formulation can be fed to plants. We are saving natural gas used to create ammonia as well as transportation fuels and labor to distribute it out to each and every farm. Plasma Agriculture is the leading "right now" green, clean technology device.

Realize a Return on Investment

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Run the System Off-grid

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Discover how plasma activated water can help perfect your growth plans and your ability to execute on them. Learn how to choose the right solution for your company and avoid selection regrets with our Resource Kit.

Test the waters yourself with a DIY test before investing in machinery for:

  • Accelerated growth rate
  • Greener foliage
  • Reduced pesticides
  • Larger stocks and roots
  • Improved plant health
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    About Daniel Wells

    CMXI, Inc. is an Oregon-based Company located in Medford, Oregon. It is the second company that Daniel has founded based on Plasma Sciences. The first being, Umpqua Energy, Inc. which he sold in 2012. The company focused on the research and development of an emission control system using a small plasma-assisted combustion device coupled with a DeNOx Catalyst sourced from Argonne National Laboratories.

    The marriage of the two technologies brought International attention to the Rogue Valley as Daniel and his team won two awards from the highest authorities in Energy and Defense. He won: "America's Top Energy Innovator" Award from Secretary Chu of the Department of Energy, won CTSI Defense Energy Technology 2012 Challenge. See also: ARPA-E 2012 Keynote by Energy Secretary Stephen Chu

    While there are many fantastic applications made possible by plasma sciences, Daniel has chosen Agriculture as his next venture. As the Farm Bill was signed into law, the growth of hemp in the Unitied States is exploding and many farmers will turn to automation to deliver nutrients to their crops. Daniel feels that there is no better way than to generate the Nitrogen-rich water on-site and to install and integrate machinery at the point of use for his customers.

    Prior to Daniel's R&D efforts in the Energy field, he maintained a great 20-year career in information technology by integrating systems, created web-based software and supported the solutions that he recommended. Customers included government-funded laboratories, distributors and e-commerce companies.

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